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I've given several presentations to the Houston Linux Users Group in the past on advanced system administration topics.

Network Monitoring
Covers theory and software for network monitoring with open source software including Cricket, Netsaint / Nagios, NMap, and more.

An introductory TWiki presentation, copresented with Rick Archibald of HLUG.

Using Syslog-ng and Logmuncher to create a central syslog host with email log reporting.

Emacs Org-Mode Presentation, references Carsten's presentation at , given August 9th, 2008. Also see ML announcement at

Linux Backup Presentation, given September 27th, 2008.

LVM & Encryption Presentation, given November 22nd, 2008.

Introduction to Version Control and Bazaar, given June 13th, 2009.

Ledger and Text based Accounting, June 27th, 2009.

AIX Tools, Hints, Tricks. September 24th 2009, Houston AIX Users Group. Presentation with audio at

Setting Up Org-mode in Windows
Configuring Org-mode screencast. Code at

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Org.odp manage 16.1 K 28 Sep 2008 - 00:58 RussellAdams Emacs Org-Mode Presentation
Backups.pdf manage 419.0 K 28 Sep 2008 - 00:58 RussellAdams Linux Backup Presentation
LVM.pdf manage 130.3 K 23 Nov 2008 - 02:37 RussellAdams LVM & Encryption Presentation
Bazaar.pdf manage 186.3 K 14 Jun 2009 - 02:26 RussellAdams Introduction to Version Control and Bazaar
Ledger.pdf manage 102.4 K 28 Jun 2009 - 06:29 RussellAdams Ledger and Text based Accounting
HoustonAIXUsersGroup_ToolsTipsTricks.pdf manage 896.7 K 24 Sep 2009 - 10:52 RussellAdams Free Tools, Tips, and Hints

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