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It's a rite of passage for every serious GNU/Linux user and developer.
Sooner or later you get fed up with commercial Linux distros and realize it's time to:

Installing Debian

Of course, installing Debian is a nightmare right? Wrong!! We'll look at the various installers that are available for Debian, look at which branch of Debian meets your needs, how to get an installation CD, and discuss post-install tweaking and back-port servers.

Time permitting, we'll go through the installation process with 2 or 3 different installers and go through the post-install process up to the point where we'll have a fully configured desktop workstation.

Follow up material:

The OpenOffice.org Impress file used in this presentation is here:


If you'd like to give the new Debian installer a spin click the link titled "Daily built CD images" on this page:


I'd also suggest you take a look at the new Progeny Anaconda Installer which is located here:


Thanks to everyone that came out. If you have any questions just let me know.

UPDATE Beta 3 of the Debian Sarge installer has been released. Give it a spin.

New beta of Sarge installer -- JohnLightsey - 16 Mar 2004
Added follow up links -- JohnLightsey - 07 Mar 2004
Started presentation page-- JohnLightsey - 01 Mar 2004

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