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Houston Linux Users Group   (HLUG)

Help Desk TWiki

(Volunteer Linux Support)

Our goal is to create an online knowledge base to share solutions to Linux related issues that come up at HLUG Wednesday Workshop & through the  HAL-PC   Volunteer Help Committee   Linux Resource Desk.

The goal behind the goal is to ease newcomers' transitions into Linux.  To that end, we may consider offering help on the MS Windows versions of Linux software.  Applications like Opera and, to name two of my favorites; or Mozilla, which isn't.  Remember, the best place to get a Windows question answered, is often at a Linux group.  

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Page Contents

Windows Equivalents NEW 12 Dec 2003

Here is a link to a monster
"table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux"
Comprehensive ! !  We might mirror & extend it here. 

man Pages

Thanks to Donn Washburn who found this link:


12 Dec 2003 -- Distro Page Format proposed

A proposed standard Distro Page Format is up, please comment. 

10 Dec 2003 -- First new Distro added

Ron Duncan added Lindows to our distro list w/ a discussion page in HLUG Web.  He also added Lindows to our resource list here.  We look forward to seeing the resource page. 

Linux on Windows


Command Line Help

Bill's bash Book

Download Help

Problems, Solved & Unsolved

Unsolved Problems

TWiki Issues

Knoppix HD install 11 Jan 2004

XFree86 Driver Version

Partition Table Restore

Problems & Solutions

KDE Shortcuts Files

Cell Phone Sync Notes


Seargeant Penguin Installing "Sarge" on the "Penguin"

Opera Download & Install NEW 05 May 2004

Opera M2 and Road Runner NEW 22 Mar 2004

Opera Ad Blocking

Crazy Mouse Syndrome


HAL-PC Anti-Virus CD


This is just a 1st attempt -- neither the content, nor the format is anywhere near complete.  Look at this as a suggestion of how this space can be used.  Ultimately, I would like to see our "people resources" stay a separate category, with their desired contact info & whatever else they want (w/in 501(c)(3) commercialty guidelines). 

The names on the linked lists are also a 1st attempt -- just the members that sprang to mind on the spur of the moment.


The incompleteness of this distribution list reflects my ignorance, not predjudice.
Suggestions for additions are welcome

Other (I hate "Other", but it's the best I could do.)

Again this list & its component lists are incomplete, see remarks above.


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Added "table of equivalents" link.
-- RickArchibald - 12 Dec 2003

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