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(No, this is not a dance class.)

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Samba is the Free Software program that allows Unix computers to join MS Windows Workgroups & Domains.  As the slogan above says, opening Windows to a wider world.  Samba is applicable to both the busness user and the home network. 

In plainer terms:  For the large or medium business, Samba can perform the jobs of the various Microsoft® Windows Server packages, but with no license fees.  For the small business, Samba can perform the same functions as Microsoft®'s Small Business Server, again with no license fees.  For the home user, Samba has potential to provide a safe, central file respository that is quickly available in the "Network Neighborhood" of all the computers on the LAN; and, guess what, no license fees. 

Version 3 of Samba was released in the middle of last year (2003).  Late last year (Nov '03) Prentice Hall PTR published The Official SAMBA-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide.  Early this year (Mar '04) they published the companion "workbook" SAMBA-3 by Example.  A diverse HAL-PC group from the Linux SIG's, A+, MCSE, & CCNA has expressed interest in working the excercises in Samba 3 by Example (S3bE).  (Thank you to the A+ group for their interest in Samba and tolerance of "invading pengiuns"). 

All interested parties are welcome.       

No prior Linux knowledge needed.       

We'll even introduce you to networking as we go along.      

If you are not sure if you are interested, check out the preface to Samba 3 by Example (S3bE): 

If your main purpose is to solve a specific Samba problem, you are still welcome to join us, especially since you may be able to help our understanding; but, do realize, our priority is the exercises. 


We plan to meet on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month in SIG Room C at HAL-PC HQ.  Official time is 1 pm to 4:30 pm. 
See the Samba Meetings page for details. 


We are working the books mentioned in the Introduction (above).  Both are available on-line in both HTML & PDF formats.  See the Samba Texts page for details. 


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